Pink Pancakes with Beets

October 11, 2007 at 8:48 pm | Posted in beet puree, breakfast | 1 Comment

So, I was dying to make Pink Pancakes for my daughter. I got up this morning, pulled my beet puree out of the refrigerator and added it to the pancake batter. The pancakes cooked nicely and were a beautiful shade of pink. My daughter was enchanted and ate them up (butter and syrup helped too).

The kicker was when my son asked for blue pancakes. Not having a “blue” veggie puree, I saw the spinach and asked him if he would like green pancakes. With hesitation, I added the spinach puree to my regular Bisquick pancake mixture. It looked a bit leafy, so I added a couple drops of green food coloring to help even out the look. And his verdict, “MMMMM”. He ate SPINACH Pancakes!

Tip: Trader Joes has ready-to-eat steamed and peeled Baby Beets. I just opened up the package and dropped them in my food processor. After pureeing, I put the beet puree into snack size ziplock bags, measuring out 1/2 cup per bag.

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  1. […] in my efforts to do better, I have returned to the beet. First was the Beet Pancakes. Since then I’ve been uninspired to try again. That is until I borrowed my sister’s […]

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