Pea Puree Party!

October 17, 2007 at 8:38 pm | Posted in Family Meals, pea puree | 3 Comments

Charlotte and The Great Big Vegetable Challenge inspired me to have a Pea Party for dinner tonight! I am trying her Pea and Ricotta Tarts, Pea Pesto, and Petit Pois Muffins. My own recommendation would be if making these three pea recipes, to cook and puree a whole bag of frozen peas before starting, package them into 1/2 cup amounts, and use them as needed. Here is a photo of our table set and ready for dinner. The tablecloth, candles and flowers were my little touches to bring a party feel to our dinner. When my hubby came home, my kids exclaimed, “We’re having a Pea Party!” I knew they were hooked!

The Pea Pesto smelled wonderful! Seriously, it tasted so good. My kids ate it up. My son, the white eater, said with surprise, “I like these green noodles mom”. Thanks Charlotte!

For the Pea and Ricotta Tarts, the filling was a breeze and I found puff pastry cups in the frozen foods section of my grocery store, easy-peasy!

The Petit Pois Muffins were an extra-fun and yummy treat for the table.

So, if you haven’t checked out Charlotte and The Great Big Vegetable Challenge, it’s worth a look. Her strategy for getting veggies into kids is inviting and fun. It worked for mine!


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  1. A Pea Party!?! Such a fun mom you are!! I’m going to have to try this pesto!

  2. Never mind the food: how ’bout those pictures! The cropped close-up of the pea filling is quite artistic. But, those tarts do look tasty. Love the “easy-peasy” phrase…you’re so corny, er, peasy.

  3. It all looks so cute! Seriously, a pea party for dinner is absolutely hilarious and fun! I love the look of the pesto pasta! How yummy is that!!!

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