01.15.08 eating

January 17, 2008 at 2:52 am | Posted in Diet and Exercise | 1 Comment

She said it, and it’s true, “the idea that I have to take a picture of something before I put it in my mouth is actually helping a lot. I encourage all of you mindless eaters out there to try it out.”

Pre-workout breakfast:


Post-workout breakfast, Kath’s Oatmeal Pancake with blueberries:


Lunch was a turkey, avocado, red bell pepper and cream cheese on Ezekiel bread with half a bell pepper and small apple on the side:


I had a snack of 1 oz of walnuts and a cup of green tea:


Dinner was spinach and ricotta lasagna, with Cesar salad and bread (from my bread maker). FYI my dinner plates are 10 inches in diameter.


Feeling like I “needed” more, and not pictured was another half a piece of lasagna, a second slice of bread and half a cup of Double Rainbow Vanilla Ice Cream. This was my anxious eating. The “I’ve been so good all day and I can’t take it anymore eating”.

So I walked out of the kitchen, left the dishes on the counter, and hopped on the treadmill. Ahhhhhh.

On a side note….my kids ate the lasagna! Even my son, the white eater, ate his lasagna! This was the first time I have ever served them lasagna. A year ago, I would have made them something like spaghetti and meatballs. But not anymore. Tomato sauce, spinach, ricotta, noodles and cheese, all layered up. Seriously, this is a major accomplishment in our house.


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  1. Lasagna looks great! I know what you mean about the “‘I’ve been so good all day and I can’t take it anymore eating'”
    Sometimes I feel like I get that at everydinner…or around 8pm!
    Aren’t those oatmeal pancakes great?

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