01.19.08 eating

January 20, 2008 at 12:31 am | Posted in Diet and Exercise | 2 Comments

Dh working on a Saturday usually means lots of mindless eating for me. So I’m keeping a journal of what I eat today. And I’m starting it first thing in the morning.

8am. Breakfast was 3/4 cup of Joe’s O’s and non-fat milk.


11am. Kinda wish I hadn’t started this…I just sipped on this coffee for a long while, but I’m feeling slightly hungry and could pound a few cookies right now.

I’m headed to the back yard to rake the leaves and pick up dog poop for a little distraction. Such a glamorous life I lead!


12:30pm. I spent almost an hour raking all those leaves! After that I had lunch: a big spinach salad with pistachios and golden raisins and some left over home-made pizza (topped with spinach, onions, turkey sausage and lemon zest).


3pm.  I’m hungry.  No, bored.  No, hungry…okay, I’m bored and hungry.  Not good.  I had another cup of coffee, a chocolate chip and chocolate cake cookie.  Then an ounce of pistachios.


5pm.  Dh is home and we are on our way to Rubios for dinner.  I had two of their famous original fish tacos…so good!  And a few of my dd’s chips.

I must say this was really hard to do today.  It would have been very easy to mindlessly eat.  But again, this exercise helped me to make better eating choices.  I know it wasn’t great eating.  But, it was much much much better than past Saturdays when Dh worked.



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  1. Wow, you did really good. The pizza sounded really good. I like the addition of lemon zest!

  2. really – i would never think to put lemon zest on pizza but it does sound good! and I LOVE fish tacos.

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