solutions week 10

January 28, 2008 at 11:52 am | Posted in solutions | 2 Comments

We are spending the week up near Tahoe for sledding, skiing, ice skating and other snow fun. No gym this week. No walks after dinner. But our days will be very active.

I don’t have any weight or measurement updates, but I can tell you that my snow pants were baggy when I put them on today! Also, I can tell that I’ve been working out because the 6,000 feet elevation isn’t effecting me like it has in the past. No huffing and puffing up the stairs or mountain, so nice!

I’m keeping to no eating after 7pm, avoiding hydrogenated oils, and drinking lots of water.

Remember this, me pouring out my coffee mate creamer because of the hydrogenated fats:


And then me trying this vanilla splenda:


I must say, that the vanilla splenda has turned me off of splenda and pretty much coffee altogether.  I’ve had two small/tall non-fat lattes this week, and that’s all the coffee I’ve had.

My thanks to Couch Cubicle for her thoughts on Splenda, very interesting.


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  1. Have fun! We miss you already!

  2. […] Hallelujah! Coffee has returned to my house thanks to…Silk Creamer in French Vanilla. Yep, it’s good. Real good. And it doesn’t have that bad stuff. […]

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