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February 14, 2008 at 10:46 am | Posted in Dessert | 14 Comments
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I love blogging for all of the great new recipes and ideas people have to share…Gretchen’s Puffy Pancake, Kath’s Oatmeal Pancake, Charlotte’s Pea Pesto…and then I found Jenni’s Picky Palate…which lead me to Bakerella and her Cake Balls. My Oh My. This was one of those recipes that I had to make and I’m so glad I did!


I just followed Bakerella’s recipe and used a chocolate cake mix and vanilla frosting. Then I dipped the balls in either melted white chocolate or Wilton’s pink candy melts.


I passed these out to my wonderful I-don’t-know-what-I’d-do-without-you girlfriends.


Oh, and there was plenty more for my kids and hubby to enjoy!


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  1. These were SO yummy. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Yeah…I’ll be waiting for my bag in the mail because I certainly know you don’t know what you would do without me! 🙂

    These look fun and delicious. Another one to try…

  3. Ooh! I will def. be trying this one!

  4. YUM!!! I need to try out some of these recipes… 🙂

  5. My girlfriend asked me how I bake “all the time”. My little trick while I made these, chew gum.

  6. Those look delicious! Yum! Were they easy to make? I’m still working on my baking skills!

  7. Carrots- Too easy! The hardest part was dipping them in the melted chocolate. I found it was easiest to drop a ball into the melted chocolate, spoon melted chocolate over the top then use the spoon to lift it out and then a fork to place it.

  8. So good, Karen! I’m on to your strategy though: fatten up your friends and you look even better!!

  9. I learn from the best! LOL!

  10. These are just precious!

  11. Oh, I have been dying to make these. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day. Your cake balls look gorgeous and very nice of you to share.

  12. Ohhh… I’ve been DYING to try these! Yours look amazing!

  13. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how elegant and gorgeous that petite love-cake is!! so perfect for Valentine’s Day (or anytime, haha).

  14. They look scrumptious! I’m not quite sure what that means, but they look like that’s what they would be. The packaging is adorable! I’m sure your girlfriends must’ve been tickled pink. I know I would’ve been! I’m considering making these for my friends now, they’d love them!

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