solutions week 14

February 24, 2008 at 12:34 pm | Posted in solutions | 11 Comments


Saturday– After treasure hunting around the flea market and then Whole Foods (that was super fun, thanks Mary!), I stopped by Starbucks, picked up a tall soy latte…and ran 4 miles in 43 minutes.

For the week I am just shy (.5 mile) of my goal of running 15 miles.  I think starting the week with this goal kept me focused and motivated to meet the goal.  And blogging about it kept me accountable.

Friday– I spent 30 minutes in the weight room this morning; tricepts, shoulders, abs, squats, push-ups…and I ran 2 miles in 20 minutes…tonight I am so sore. My feet hurt. My legs hurt. Even my forearms hurt. No walk tonight. Finished eating at 6:15pm.

Thursday– I got up early this morning and did a 2.5 mile run. Finished eating dinner at 6pm. It was so nice out this evening that I ended up playing tag with my kids and the neighbor boys for 20 minutes. I was out of breath and sweating by the time my kids crashed and were crying on the ground. After bedtime stories I went on my 28 minute walk.

My Girl Scout Cookies came. A box of thin mints, Trefoils (my favorite) and All Abouts. They contain Hydrogenated fats. And I’ve enjoyed every single on of them.

Wednesday– I met Crystal at the gym this morning and ran 2.25 miles in 24 minutes. I hate getting super hot, red, sweaty at the gym (I know, isn’t that what I’m suppossed to do there) so I will get in another .75 mile run when I walk tonight. I felt sluggish all morning, but then came home and had my bowl of oatmeal and now I feel much better!

Totally forgot to mention that in the weight room this morning we worked our bicepts, shoulders and butts! Tonight’s dinner and eating was finished at 6:20pm and then I went on my walk. I started with my .75 mile run (wanted to get in the 3 miles today).

Tuesday– I met Crystal at the gym. There was not a treadmill to be had so we went on the ellipticals for 35 minutes. I think it’s much harder to get a good workout on the elliptical. After that we hit the weight room for back, tricepts, and a great set of abs.

We finished eating at 6:30pm and I went on a late 45 minute walk.

Monday– Today I ran 3 miles in 30 minutes. Yes, that is 3 ten minute miles, continuously. And it is with out a doubt my best run yet. It may have helped that I had a tall soy latte (thanks for the tip Allison) before my run. Dinner was finished at 6:20pm and I’m about to go on a 30 minute walk.

I woke up Sunday morning and felt good. I was excited to get on the scale thinking that I had lost another 2 pounds. So, naturally I was a bit deflated when it read 148 pounds, same as last week. The thing is, I feel smaller.

Thinking about the Dr. Oz goal of loosing 1 pound a month by cutting just 100 calories a day and Bob Greene’s goal of loosing 1-2 pounds a week, I am right in there…9 pounds in 13 weeks.

I know I am making positive choices and am on the right path. Here are my solutions for this week:

Run 15 miles
Gym’s Weight Room 3 times
Walk after Dinner
No eating after 7pm
Drink water (easy, I’m down to just 2 cups of coffee per week)
Avoid Hydrogenated Fats
Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup





    I tried to make a new friend in the kitchen yesterday…Hemp Milk. What a disappointment! I was planning on pouring it over my oatmeal in the morning like so many others have done…now I’m not sure if I should keep it or pour the $5 down the drain. I probably should have tried Vanilla Hemp Milk first.




    As for Run Swim Bike Cook, I have completed my option, the running challenge! I have logged 32 miles since Monday, February 4th.



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