solutions week 15

March 2, 2008 at 11:08 am | Posted in solutions | 11 Comments

Friday– I ran 2 miles in 21 minutes at the gym and then into the weight room for some core work.

Thursday– Finished eating at 6:15pm and then I went on a 45 minute walk.

Wednesday– Another early morning 3 mile run in (just under) 32 minutes. I should have gone to the weight room today, but registering my kids for kindergarten put me in a weird funk so instead I got their Easter basket stuff.

Tonight I’m having dinner with some friends, we are eating at 7pm. I am hoping to go for a early walk before dinner.

Tuesday– I got up early this morning and ran 3 miles in 32 minutes. Finished eating at 6:15pm and then went on a 30 minute walk.

Monday– This morning I went to the gym. Ran 2 miles on the treadmill and then Crystal and I worked our upper bodies and abs in the weight room.

Finished eating dinner at 6:15pm. No walk tonight, dear hubby is at the Sharks game.

Sunday– A year ago, I had high cholesterol (okay, not scary high, but high for me). And embarrassingly enough it wasn’t a wake up call. I continued to make poor choices.

But that all changed 15 weeks ago. I started to make small lifestyle choices, better decisions. I’ve seen my weight drop. I’ve measured my waist getting smaller. And now I’ve got the blood work. Here’s a look at what was going on a year ago and what is happening today:

Lipid Panel (standard range)



Cholesterol <239



Triglyceride <199



HDL >45



LDL <129



My cholesterol dropped 50 points!

My triglycerides dropped 64 points!

My LDL dropped 34 points!

Okay, my HDL (the good stuff) still needs to come up a bit…something to strive for! According to my doctor, “You can raise HDL by consuming more omega-3 fatty acids“. Flaxseeds and walnuts are high in omega-3s. While I eat these foods every day, looks like I’m not getting enough. I (finally, thanks to Mary and Whole Foods) found Living Harvest Hempmilk, also a good source of omega-3s and omega-6s and will be trying that this week. But still feel like I need to supplement my diet with fish oil tablets.

Overall, I am exceedingly pleased with these results. So I’m going to keep on.

Here are my solutions for this week:solutions-week-15-sm.jpg

  • Run 13 miles
  • Weight room 3 days
  • Drink water (and just 2 cups of coffee)
  • No eating after 7pm
  • Walk after evening meals
  • Avoid hydrogenated fats
  • Avoid high fructose corn syrup

I’m 5’4″ and still hanging on at 148 pounds.


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  1. Wow Karen! Congratulations! It must be a huge relief to see the numbers drop like that. Weight is one thing, but to see your “inside” health improve so drastically is so very important. Great job!

  2. That’s awesome! Keep up the great work!! You should be proud of yourself!

  3. Congratulations!! The numbers really speak for themselves.

    If you’re looking to boost your Omega-3 intake. I suggest hemp seed nuts. They’re absolutely delicious and 1 tbsp. contains about 2 grams of Omega-3’s. They’re also super high in protein, and not very high in calories.

  4. Thought you’d be interested in this short omega-3 video:

  5. Ah! Congrats! That is so incredible!

  6. Romina- Yes, hemp seed nuts, I keep seeing them pop up. I’ve got to look for these.

  7. wow, those are some inspiring numbers!

  8. Hey just to let you know omega 3 in flax seed and walnuts are not as bioavailable as omega 3 in fish. Omega 3 from fish (and fish oil) are better absorbed by our bodies, and therefore probably a better way to raise your HDL. Exercise can also help raise HDL levels.

  9. Jen- Thanks for the information! Yep, I should get the fish oil.

  10. you look great! keep up the good work there, i know how hard it can be!

  11. […] Celebrate that my clothes fit better! Celebrate that my energy level is up! Celebrate that my cholesterol is […]

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