solutions week 17

March 16, 2008 at 8:17 pm | Posted in solutions | 7 Comments

Saturday: 4 mile run!

Friday: I did my 2 mile run then hit the weight room for a fast set of arms and a great set of core work. Finished eating at 6pm and then I went on a 30 minute walk.

Thursday: I ran 3.25 miles in 32 minutes this morning. Finished eating at 6:40pm and then I went on a 30 minute walk.

Wednesday: This morning Angela and I did a fast 2 mile walk and then I got in 20 minutes of yoga…it felt great! Finished eating at 6:15pm and then I went on a 25 minute walk.

Tuesday: Another gym morning…I ran my 3 miles and then did squats with shoulder raises and arm circles in the weight room. Finished with some yoga stretches, my body craves it after running. Dinner was finished at 6pm and then I went on a 28 minute walk.

Monday: I met Crystal at the gym and ran 2.75 miles! Then we went into the weight room and did tricepts, push-ups, abs and lunges. I feel really good having accomplished my workout goal for the day!

Got on the scale this morning and still hanging on at 148 pounds. Strange that the scale does not reflect my weight the same way that my jeans do! Finished eating at 6:25pm and then went on a 25 minute walk.
Sunday: Missed my post last week, so I’ll recap solutions week 16…ran about 10 miles; walked 5 nights after dinner; stopped eating before 7pm 6 nights; worked the weights 2 days; drank water and had two cups of coffee for the week; stayed away from hydrogenated foods and high fructose corn syrup.

In the end, I didn’t work as hard as I had been and can feel it in my jeans. Hello, there is better way to know what your weight is doing then by how your jeans feel. And the jeans that were getting baggy on me two weeks ago have a little less room. So, I know, you know?

Here are my diet and exercise solutions for week 17…

Monday- run 2 miles, weight room, stop eating by 7pm, walk after dinner

Tuesday- run 3 miles, stop eating by 7pm, walk after dinner

Wednesday- run 2 miles, weight room, stop eating by 7pm

Thursday- run 3 miles, stop eating by 7pm, walk after dinner

Friday- run 2 miles, weight room, stop eating by 7pm, walk after dinner

I will update this post through out the week. I need some accountability!


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  1. I know what you mean, with as busy as I’ve been, I’ve been allowing myself to use my “busy” as an excuse to not be as diligent about my goals.
    We need to be accountable together!

  2. Allison- Yes, I’d love for us to keep each other accountable! The time change has been my excuse as to not getting up for an early morning run!

  3. Yay for being accountable! I still haven’t gotten my work out in for today! I’m hoping for this evening!

  4. Great job Karen…I know you can reach your goals. I have fallen off the bandwagon so to speak and desperately need back on! Ack!

  5. You have inspired me!

  6. […] post on her diet and fitness inspired me. I am going to do better–and make good on my resolution to get more disciplined […]

  7. I’m in exercise mode too- did yoga and pilates for the first time this week. My trainer has me varying my workouts with a lot of strength training mixed in (which I hate!!)

    I find that I weigh more than I used to but I actually fit into smaller clothes. Must be the muscle weight.

    You’re doing great- keep it up!

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