Running thru Star Wars

March 22, 2008 at 10:39 am | Posted in Diet and Exercise | 3 Comments

My hubby is working sales today. I have lots of baking to do for Easter tomorrow. And I really wanted to get in a 4 mile run. My kids have already been to the gym’s kids room twice this week, my personal limit.

And I just finished my 4 mile run in 41 minutes. Here’s how I did it:


Yes, this is a picture of my humble garage. It’s been converted into a playroom/exercise room. This is where I do my walking in the evenings and some running. I’ve run through our VHS tapes…Top Gun/The Natural/The American President a couple of times each. Wanting something new, I grabbed our Star Wars Trilogy and put in A New Hope. We finished it last night.

This morning my kids asked if we could go in the garage for me to run while they watch the next Star Wars movie. So I put in Empire Strikes Back. They sit and watch, play horses and trains, color and play “sell”.

And while I run, I field questions like this:

“Mom, when are the AT-AT’s coming?”

“Mom, where’s Lea?”

“Mom, this is the funny part of the Star Wars Wii.”

“Mom, I where are the tantans?”

“Mom”, is Chewy fixing the ship?”

“Mom, is Darth Vader in the good guy’s place?”

“Mom, when can I play Star Wars Wii?”



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  1. Star Wars + Treadmill sounds so fun!! Much better than the stuff they make you watch at the gym.

  2. Too funny! What a great set up. I always just pictured you running around the neighborhood. It never dawned on me that you did it in the garage!!!

    Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!

  3. What a great way to get in child-mom interaction and exercise. Plus they get to see movie watching as an opportunity to move instead of sit still. You inspire me.

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