On Vacation

May 2, 2008 at 3:35 pm | Posted in Cupcakes | 13 Comments

I’m away on vacation this week.

While I’m away, feast your eyes on the Crushcakes Cupcakery’s Cupcakes! We stopped by Santa Barbara’s premier cupcakery on a recent visit to the central coast.

Of course I wanted to sample each flavor, but decided 4 would be a respectable number of cupcakes to try.

My first choice was their signature cupcake, the “crushcake” with red velvet cake and a chocolate heart dipped in sour cream frosting. This was the one I tried first, but was so disappointed. It was over baked and dry.

Next I tried the “strawberry blush” cupcake. AMAZING!!!! I would love to get my hands on that strawberry pink frosting recipe. For now I’ll just have to plan another visit.

I followed that with the “lemon drop” cupcake…even better than the strawberry! The frosting was to-die-for! Seriously people. In the words of my dear friend Mary, “I thought the heavens were going to open up and angels descend upon us”! Lemon cake with sweet lemon frosting and crushed lemon drop candies. I will get one of these every time I go.

Finally, my kids picked the “peace cake” cupcake. Okay, I wouldn’t have gotten this one for myself, but I am so glad they picked it. Wonderful! Vanilla bean cake and tie-dyed vanilla bean frosting. I loved the flavors of this one. The cake was wonderful.

Hopefully I will be back to Crushcakes for another box full of cupcakes soon.


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  1. ROTF! You’re such a nut! I think that’s why we are such good friends: you appreciate a good dessert!! Have a great vacation!

  2. yep, i’d definitely take a spoon to the strawberry frosting–it’s beautiful! of course, the hippie in me is loving the peace cake. groovy, man!

    have a stellar vacation, karen!

  3. I’m having a craving for cake now…that means I have to bake today! Thanks! ^_- If you ask me, 10 would be a very respectable number as well…

  4. I love colorful desserts~so fun to look at! And I’m amazed at your self discipline–I probably would have gone and “sampled” the whole entire store XD

  5. If only I had Cupcakeries to visit!!! How lucky you are.

  6. OMG those look so YUM!

  7. Mmm! Those red velvet cake cupcakes look so delish. I love cupcakes!

    Here in Toronto we have some good cupakes. If you’re ever here try the ones from Eini. She uses bubble tea flavors in her buttercream.

  8. Those look so delicious. I love the imagery of the Angels descending during dessert…what better time?

  9. I would have picked the lemon one. Yum!

  10. I love the tye dyed one. You can’t beat vanilla bean! Have a good time on vacation!

  11. Hi! Just wanted to wish you a happy Mother’s Day, and I hope you’ve been enjoying your vacation!!

  12. yummy looking…we have Kara’s here in the SF Bay..and Sibbys which is fab. I am totally bookmarking Crush for my next SB visit. Have a wonderful vacation!

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