June 15, 2008 at 8:00 am | Posted in essay | 4 Comments

I was so bummed when I saw this. But then I remembered reading this last night. And then I watched this.

So that’s why I’m posting this on my sidebar :

Infertility’s Common Thread

Because 10 years ago when I started infertility treatments there was nothing like this. And I wanted one. I needed one. And now there is one.

And even with 5 year old twins running around my house (IVF w/day 2 rescue ICSI),

it is still part of me.


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  1. Thanks for the good word on this–and for sharing. I’ve tried, on and off, to get pregnant for nearly 10 years now. It’s something I don’t talk a lot about but when people share it makes me feel a little less alone and angry and sad. 🙂

  2. Glad to see this posted. What a good thing for you to find, even 10 years later.

  3. Gretchen- thanks for sending the link over.
    Jade- I am so sorry. I can’t imagine how difficult these past 10 years have been.

  4. I had a long time friend go through invetro. I saw all the dissapointment and anger. I was there many times for the bad news and the tears. She got pregnant once but it was a tubal. She finally had her sister impregnated with her eggs and she (the sister) was able to carry a child full term. Sam is now a active healthy 8 year old. I can understand. Although it wasn’t me going through it, I’ve been touched by my friend.

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