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June 18, 2008 at 12:50 pm | Posted in Diet and Exercise | 15 Comments
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I’m stuck in a rut, and I think it’s good for me.

Without fail I’ll go two weeks eating Kashi Go Lean for Breakfast. It’s easy and simple. Tastes good. And I know it’s good for me.

Lunch this week has been a turkey sandwich with tomato, spinach, cream cheese and mustard on whole grain bread…every day.

This is my favorite mustard, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It’s so good!

I think I read somewhere that it helps control your calories when you eat the same foods day after day. But I also read that a diet that lacks variety can be missing out on essential nutrients. What I do know is it works for me.

What I’m curious about is, do you get stuck-in-a-rut with your meals? And if so, do you think it helps control your appetite and cravings?


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  1. I am not a cereal eater. Sandwiches are not big here in Peru. But, stuck in a rut? I truly am not a fan of eating the same type of breakfast even two days in a row. I feel kind of guilty I suppose. I don’t think of it like I need to for the nutrients. Not sure why. I rarely make the same things, I almost always do different things. I know others around me would eat the same things every day and would be very happy! Oh well, to each his own.

  2. I’m all about having the same things each day when I’m trying to lose weight (like right now.) I have the same things for breakfast and lunch every day and then make something interesting for dinner.

  3. I wish that I had the willpower to eat the same things every day for every meal but I get bored so easily. Although I do have to say I really only give myself 3 choices for breakfast ever – cereal (love go lean, egg on toast or oatmeal). btw, I love reading your blog. Lots of good info. thx.

  4. I could eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast. And the same sandwich for a few days. Exspecially if I’m watchicg what I eat. So ya, I get stuck in a rut. But it doesn’t control my cravings. 🙂

  5. Wow…. Sierra Nevada has mustard, I have yet to see this. Love the beer, but mustard?? Learn something new everyday. I will need to be on the lookout for it. Where did you buy it?

    I’m in what you call a rut right now. I’ve had oatmeal with wheatberries for 4 mornings straight. Granted I’ve added a couple different fruits to mix it up, but pretty much the same thing. A lot of the times I make one large recipe in the being of week and eat it the left overs for different lunches and dinners throughout the week. It helps save money and time. Sometimes I feel like my it keeps my cravings at bay, but there are always those days that NOTHING is going to stop me from having cravings… so its a toss up.

  6. confession: i’ve had pretty much the same breakfast every single day for the past two years. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 🙂

  7. I do get stuck in a food rut, and it’s fine for a while, and everything is fine. But then when the boredom hits…it’s easier for me to have a big ol binge on new and different tastes.

  8. Ooh Kashi Go Lean is my ABSOLUTE favorite! Seriously, sometimes at night when I’m hungry I go to sleep happy knowing when I get up I’ll get to have my Kashi 🙂

    I hear you, though. I’m stuck in a bit of a run all around. As an easy after the gym dinner I eat a lot of Whole Foods brand bean burritos. Sounds strange but they’re really satisfying, ok for you, and quick and easy to prepare (and budget friendly at $1.60/ea!)…but I’m at my burrito limits at this point. It’s definitely a struggle day by day!

  9. Okay I had disgusting Taco Bell for lunch and that sandwich you made looks divine! Thanks for the suggestion for lunch tomorrow!

  10. I’ll eat pretty much the same thing when I”d dieting too. I already know the calorie content of all of it, so I know I’m “under budget”, lol.

  11. I do get stuck sometimes, but it never helped me lose weight more, that I have noticed at least. I ate oatmeal for breakfast for a good 4 months though… but now its too hot for it in the morning.

  12. For breakfast on weekdays, I’m usually stuck in a rut. For months at a time, we’ll have the same thing. It’s usually something fast and easy – to make sure I get breakfast before work. But dinners are always different. And lunches are usually what’s leftover in the fridge!

  13. I love Kashi and go back and forth from that to Raisin Bran to Kellogg’s Smart Start. I throw in some blueberries and am a happy camper. The more routine my food is for breakfast the better off I am. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to eat dinner pretty late — sometimes 8pm. So we keep track of portions, avoid bread, and sometimes, even the starch. That works too!

  14. I get stuck in a rut too but it’s usually a bad-for-me-food rut so I try to shake it up a bit. But what you’re eating sure looks good and great for you! Hey, if Jared could lose how many ever hundreds of pounds on sandwiches….it works! Love the pale ale mustard–yum!

  15. I remember a whole week where all I wanted to eat was GrapeNuts cereal…

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