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July 3, 2008 at 4:25 pm | Posted in going green | 11 Comments
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It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally made the switch from paper and plastic to Re-usable Canvas Bags.

I got my first four canvas bags from Pixar. My hubby had done some work for them, so we had the privilege of seeing Ratatouille in the Pixar theater. After the movie, Pixar treated us to goodie bags filled with Ratatouille items. Probably the thing I was most excited about was the goodie bags themselves, they were canvas bags, perfect for shopping. (I think this speaks volumes about Pixar as a company, have you seen Wall-E, by the way? It’s EXCELLENT).

Here was the problem with the bags. I had no system. They pretty much sat in my house unused. Okay, my hubby was good about putting one in his car and using it. But that was about it.

Then last year I bought three canvas bags from Trader Joes. I used them for a bit. But again, had no system for them. They would be in the house or in my car. I’d forget to bring them in. They were just off of my radar.

Finally my dear friend Mary gave me a canvas bag from Whole Foods. Ah-ha! The heavens opened up and I found my system. Here’s how I remember to bring my canvas bags to the store:

1. All of the bags get stored in the Whole Foods bag in the trunk of my car.

2. When I am ready to do some shopping, I guesstimate how many bags I’ll need and bring those in. I’ve found most places gives me a 5 cent rebate per bag. At Trader Joes we fill out tickets that are entered into a weekly drawing for a $25 gift card, my hubby even won once!

3. At home I unpack my groceries and immediately take my bags to the front door and hang them on the door knob.

4. The next time I walk to my car, my bags are right there waiting for me to put back into the car. And so the cycle continues.

So, what do you do to remember to bring your re-usable canvas bags into the store with you?


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  1. i can keep them in my car. But I CANNOT remember to bring them into the store. It is making me crazy. I probably own about 10 of these by now, and I never remember until I am at the register. I hope you get some ideas…

  2. I’ve gotten better at remembering, but I’m by no means perfect. I’ve got a stash of canvas bags in my trunk, but they tend to migrate into the house with each successive shopping trip… and have a hard time finding their way back to the car. I’m going to try your door knob approach. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  3. aw, i suck. i dont use reusable 😦 i need to though.

    i do reuse the plastic ones for diggie poop and lunches- does that count.

    no, it doesnt. ill get some tomorrow.

  4. I do that too! And it’s amazing what other uses you find for the bags! They come in so handy!

  5. i have the same process! woohoo!!! I love how you posted each step though! : )

  6. Thanks for the great reminder about the bags! I have them but don’t use them more often!

  7. I noticed our TJ’s put a sign up on the front door, “did you remember your re-usable bags?”. I think this is very helpful. Also, in the beginning I’d put my purse in the trunk, then I’d have to remember to bring my bags in!

  8. “The heavens opened up”! Good use of the saying!! I wonder if my grocery shopping hubby would be up for these bags. I’ll inquire. You’re so inspiring he just may be do it. HAPPY 4th!!

  9. I have one bag that folds up into it’s own little bag that I keep in my purse. Love that bag and use it alot. But thats only one bag. Maybe I should try your system with the rest of my bags.

  10. I leave the bags under the munchkin’s feet (by his carseat) because I won’t forget to take HIM into the store, and then they sit by the door to go back out to the car after unloading. We get a small rebate also.
    My stepbrother works for Pixar. I think they make the most wonderful family films (and this is not biased!). My hubby and I saw Wall-E. I think it’s their best yet!

  11. I keep mine in the car, hubby is usually the one to remember to take them in the store. He also returns them to the car. I know once he’s gone on deployment i will be forgetting them in the car. lol

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