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July 10, 2008 at 12:45 am | Posted in Dessert, essay | 13 Comments

See, I told you so, I’m no good at pies. Case in point, this chocolate cream pie. Or, as my daughter described it, “frosting pie”.

Allow me to describe: the crust…too much butter, not enough cookie crumbs, too thin, too hard, not good! And the chocolate cream was way too rich. Kinda tasted like chocolate fudge, and not so good tasting. And take a closer look at how the chocolate cream never attached to the chocolate crust. Not good.

Trouble was, the online reviews for this recipe were incredible. I must have done something wrong. And as it turns out, I did do something wrong. Even worse, I did more than one thing wrong. Did I mention that I don’t do pies! I’m no good.

With our church’s Pie Contest on Saturday, I was hoping to try several pies this week. The thing is, I am not hoping for 1st or 2nd or 3rd place…my hope is that my pie will be eaten and not thrown into the garbage!

And besides that fact that pies are not my thing and I really really need the practice, the bay area has been suffering through a heat wave this week, so turning on the oven is just not an option. Did I mention that I don’t have air-conditioning? As I write it is 12:45am and my house is still 82 degrees. I get very cranky in the heat….and apparently pretty whiny too.


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  1. Dang it. I’m sorry that your pie didn’t turn out well. But you do have a few days to continue practicing before the pie contest – Good luck!

  2. I am not a pie person either but I usually have luck with recipes on – anything that is 4 of 5 stars is usually a huge hit!!

    Also, Amelia from Diary from the Last Frontier hit me with meme and as a fellow DBer its your turn! I hope you don’t mind I figured it would be a fun way to meet some DBers…..The rules are on my website –

  3. LOL! That first photo does look a little sad. I’m sure the heat didn’t help.

  4. I think frosting pie sounds like heaven.

    Seriously…try the ice cream pie….no oven required!

  5. Did you make this from recipezarr? Anna at Cookie madness made what seems to be the same thing and she said it was terrible. Her blog says the crust was so bad that she scraped the filling out and made it into parfaits! So it may be the recipe and not you at all!

  6. Catherine- you are so sweet! But no, it wasn’t the recipe. After I re-read the ingredients, I found I had doubled the amount of chocolate, among other things!

    Allison- that pie sounds great! I’m hoping to make it for my family after the picnic.

    emgray- and I even ran these photos through photo shop to get the “best” pictures!

    Alexis- thanks for the DB tag!

    Bird Food- just waiting for the cool down.

  7. Yeah, I’m thinking frosting pie sounds good to me too! I love that you blogged this though 🙂

  8. The way I see it, you can’t go wrong with chocolate! Even though the first picture looks like you stomped on it in a fit of frustration… it still looks tasty to me! Send it this way!

  9. Jen- it’s already in the garbage with a second one setting up in the fridge!

  10. It doesn’t look that bad at all. Are you being hard on yourself?

  11. […] did I get the pie right? First of all, I carefully followed the recipe. (That’s 2 cups of chocolate chips, not 2 bags […]

  12. maybelles mom- when a dessert sits in my fridge for several days, I know it’s no good.

  13. it’s already in the garbage? gasp! i hope you gave it a proper eulogy–it was made with chocolate, after all. if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… 🙂

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