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July 24, 2008 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Diet and Exercise | 6 Comments
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Besides the bit of queezy-ness I felt this afternoon, (I blame my many trips to the bathroom on the steel cut oatmeal for the 4th morning in a row) today has been a rather peaceful day.  But then I got HUNGRY, and it was almost time for dinner.

Here’s a look at breakfast:  A bowl of steel-cut oats with a banana, milk chocolate chips (so perfectly good) and sliced almonds.

Lunch was an open faced sandwich on bread and some Sun Chips remains.

Started to feel the hunger at 4pm.  I had a peach.

And then I had a scoop of chocolate cream pie (I put the can of beans in back for perspective on the size).

At this point I knew it was over and I just needed to eat dinner.  Bean, rice and cheese burrito with a salad and chips.

Truthfully, I ate this amount of chips with some salsa and sour cream dip while cooking and chopping.  I put these chips on my plate for the photo opp, and then returned them to their bag.

I ate dinner at 5pm tonight.  For me, when I’m hungry and it’s almost time to eat, it’s usually better to just eat a meal.   Because if I don’t, I’ll just pick and nibble and pick some more.  And my brain won’t register, “hey, I’m eating”.  And then when it is time to eat, regardless if I’m hungry or not, my brain will say, “oh, now it’s time to eat”.   Does that make sense?

I didn’t make it to the gym today.  So once I get the three of them settled for dinner I’m going on a walk.


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  1. Hi Karen, I too need to get back on track. I did so well earlier this year, but I am going to start writing down everything I eat and the exercise I do to see if it helps me stay focused.
    That burrito looks good.

  2. Ok…I love a little sprinkling of chocolate chips in my oatmeal. so. good. But sometimes I get too used to it, and I want to use more and more….so I’ve cut them out for a while.

    Also, i TOTALLY hear you on the snacking before meals deal. I always pick and snack one the things I’m making for dinner; a pinch of shredded cheese here, a chip, a carrot etc. And then I eat a full meal. You have inspired me to work on that!

  3. Fine, I’ll do it too. I think it helps to write everything down. It makes me more aware and more cautious before I put everything in my mouth. I like the photo/blog idea.

  4. Looks like you’re back on track with amazing and healthy foods. Awesome job!

  5. Back to that pie! 🙂
    I’m making it for my brother in laws birthday today. 3rd pie I’ve made. It’s healthy, right? Because it’s sure a keeper. Only I didn’t have coffee liquoir so I subbed chocolate milk. So much for Mooless. This time though, I’m making it with the Kalua (spelling?)

  6. sometimes i have dinner at when i get home at 4, just because i’m hungry. why the heck not? of course, i don’t have three other mouths to feed… 🙂

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