Almond Cake

July 30, 2008 at 12:27 am | Posted in Daring Bakers | 21 Comments
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I didn’t know what to title this Daring Bakers Challenge…Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream? What the heck is that? Oh, it’s one of those cakes. A genoise cake with syrup, buttercream, whipped cream, a glaze and ganache. Ugggg.

Thank goodness for Gretchen. She talked me down off the wall and I got to work. She helped me decide on an almond genoise (cake) brushed with an almond syrup, layered with almond buttercream, whipped cream, topped with an apricot glaze (I know, sounds wierd), covered by a chocolate ganache.

Whew! Did you get all that? If you are still having trouble picturing this cake, maybe this will help…

Or this…

How about this…

What you are looking at is an Almond Gateau with Almond Buttercream. It was…just okay. I had a slice. My hubby had a slice. That was it. Gretchen encouraged me to give it away, but why? It’s just not me. It’s not my kind of cake.

But, I’m glad I made this cake. I finally feel comfortable with genoise. I got a great rise out of this one. And this buttercream was okay. Probably the one I would prefer to make again if I had to.

I’m sure of the thousands of Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercreams, you will find many many more beautiful and great tasting cakes.


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  1. it does look lovely, tis a pity you didn’t enjoy it much but i’m sure you managed to find a good home for the rest of the cake 😉

  2. My two-year-old is standing next to me and just saw this cake. He pointed at the screen and said, “I want cake Mom. This cake. Want cake Mom.”

  3. It still looks beautiful! Also, how come people have to say “filbert,” why can’t we just call it hazelnut…it sounds so much more apetizing. More like food and less like a dorky guy (i guess I think of Dilbert!)

  4. Funny, I had been meaning to ask you why you hadn’t talked about this month’s challenge. Sorry you weren’t thrilled with it, but it looks gorgeous!

  5. I agree, looks amazing, bummer it didn’t taste as good as you’d hoped!

  6. It is a pretty cake. I’m glad you said it was “just o.k.” because I didn’t get to make it. That made me feel better! 🙂

  7. Well, it looks great! I actually really liked the cake, personally– much more than the Opera Cake, which gave me fits.

  8. Your cake looks so pretty! Great job on your challenge. I’m taking a short break from DB, but hope to be back soon!

  9. It looks beautiful! I’m glad it wasn’t just me who didn’t care for the cake. The ganache looks fabulous and smooth!

  10. you’re right, that is a mouthful! looks like you didn’t have any problem tackling it at all–nicely done!

  11. Your cake layers look so nice and even! Sorry you didn’t care for it too much.

  12. You did a great job with your challenge! 🙂 I am sorry you didn’t like it.

  13. I think it looks great! Did I mention I forgot to add 1/2 of the sugar to the cake? umm, didn’t hurt it one bit as the rest of the components were sweet enough!

  14. congratulations! aren’t you glad you made it?

  15. It does look beautiful! I only tried a bite, but my husband seems to be enjoying it.

  16. Mmm Your cake looks amazing! I’m glad you made it!

  17. Great cake Karen, I have given you an award so pop over to my blog to pick it up.

  18. oooo that cake is gorgeous. Im woefully horrible at decorating anything- let alone food.

  19. You’re too funny! No pretense here. I think I would have jumped into this cake with both feet: buttercream AND chocolate ganache? Sounds like a dream ( to eat, that is, not make) Better luck next time!

  20. That cake looks great!

    I am with you on the Sur La Table thing too-I get in too much trouble there- HEh..Heh…

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