Cast Iron Skillet

November 7, 2009 at 2:36 pm | Posted in kitchen tools | 11 Comments
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I picked up my first cast iron skillet today from the Flea Market for $10!

cast iron skillet

Yes, my friend and I get up before the sun one Saturday a month and head to our local flea market looking for treasures.  And this was today’s find…it’s an 8 inch cast iron skillet by Wagner Ware Sidney.

cast iron skillet handle

Now, being that this is my first cast iron skillet, I have no idea what to make. These recipes caught my eye…

Red Flannel Hash


Caramel Apple Cake

Queenie’s Cornbread

Got any ideas?


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  1. Jealous. That is all I can think to say. Jealous. Oh, and you should try the pear upside down gingerbread in the cast iron once I post it. 🙂

  2. Growing up, practically all my mom used was cast iron. I have a nice collection of them myself. I love to make cornbread in mine!

  3. Nice! I make anything and everything in my cast iron. It’s really the only frying pan i use – fried eggs, scrambled eggs, carmelized onions, sauteing anything! Have fun!

  4. Ok, I’m partial to the Naan, but there’s so many wonderful things you can do in that skillet. I’ve been contemplating this cherry clafloutis.

    🙂 thanks for the link.

  5. opps… try this one

  6. man, you’d think that would have gotten it right… so one more time.

  7. Oh my! Those blackberry clafoutis look amazing!

  8. I make 9-minute-steaks with my cast iron skillet and it comes out perfectly every time.

  9. […] chili, skillet cornbread I took Deborah’s advice and made skillet cornbread in my new cast iron skillet.  AMAZING results!  Seriously, the corn bread baked beautifully.  It was perfectly cooked, had […]

  10. I just found your blog from Canela y Comino’s blog. I love your skillet! I love cooking with cast iron so much that I leave my skillet (and new cast-iron dutch oven) on the stove top, but I stow away all the other pots and pans haha.

    You have a nice-looking blog!! I’m glad I found you.

  11. Go for the caramel apple cake! I’ve made this one myself and it’s fantastic, served up with real vanilla ice cream you can’t go wrong. Did you have to go to the trouble of re-seasoning it?


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