I am a wife and mother living in suburbia and this is my journey to do better. I’ve heard it said, “we can do better”. And that simple phrase has been resonating in my heart and mind so much so that I’ve been called to action. It has influenced so many of my decisions; what to buy, wear, eat, where to go, what to do, how to do it, etc. This is my journal of doing better. To live better. Be to Better.

Quick Stats:

  • Born in May of 1972
  • Live in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
  • Graduated from San Jose State University 1994, BA in Child Development
  • Teaching Credential from Sacramento State University, 1995
  • Married August of 1997
  • Started trying to have a baby 1999
  • Conceived Twins through in vitro fertilization October 2001
  • Twins born July 2002

I always considered my two years living in Santa Barbara to be my best years just because I was healthy, happy, and living coastal. But now I realize that my life today is the life I always dreamed of. Married to a wonderful man, staying home raising my kids, a dog, house…yes, dreams do come true.


August 2008…went back to full time work.

August 2009…I continue to work full time.  Hubby lost job and is now a full time student.  Remind myself daily how blessed I am to have healthy happy kids and a great marriage.

October 2009…back to blogging, missed it, love it.


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  1. wow how wonderful to have twins! Not sure how I would cope, Ollie seems a big handful already! But hey, twice the fun!! :o)

  2. Saw your comment about Hempmilk. Not all are created equal.

    Would love for you to try Living Harvest.

  3. I love the idea of and what you’ve written on your blog. I have been trying to “do better” and be healthier for about a year. I have lost almost 25 pounds… more to go, but that is an achievement in itself. Recently I have joined with a friend in my pursuit of being healthy, and my sister-in-law is also up for it. So between friends and family I am getting support. Even my husband is getting with the program – small steps… I recently had some surgery (just preventative), I can exercise again for the first time in 4 weeks starting next week – I can’t wait! I feel like such a slug… I really miss exercising – I think that is a good thing. Best of luck in your pursuit in “do better”!

  4. Love the concept of your blog. I’m constantly trying to “do better” myself 🙂 You take very pretty pictures too.

  5. Hi, I just checked out your website because I saw your cherry cupcakes on Martha Stewart, and wanted to make them for a girlfriend for her birthday! seeing all your recipies and journals was very inspiring and I just wanted to write you a quick note from a fellow cook and athlete to say congratulations and keep up the good work with your journey to do better! it is people like you that keep others inspired!!

  6. I am inspired. I started my own blog in October for much the same reasons as you’ve posted here: Wanting to do things better and needing something to motivate me to keep going! Although I’m strictly about cupcakes, haha! I found your post about rainbow jell-o – loved it – and now I am busily backtracking over all your wonderful ideas. Just wanted to write a quick “thank you” for keeping people like me inspired enough to ‘Do Better.’ I will be adding you to my blogroll for sure!

  7. I just found your blog and love it! “DO Better” What a great thought. You sound awesome!

  8. Very Cool :). I noticed your infertility thread and discovered we’d both previously stumbled upon the same blog before. I was told I had PCOS shortly before getting married and that I’d probably have to get ‘special treatment’ if I wanted to have kids :/…glad to see a success story, though :)!

  9. I ran across your blog quite randomly but am very impressed. Thank you for sharing good ideas (such as rainbow jello), and also for your positive example. Your husband and children are blessed, and reading this has made me look even more forward to having a family of my own someday. May you and your loved ones be granted all good things.



  10. Hi there, I like your outlook on life. I had been thinking that I was striving to lose weight, get healthy, get to xyz in my career…but I think I’ll adopt your philosophy, if you don’t mind. My goal is…to do better. That’s a little easier to get my arms around. I appreciate your blog!

  11. Hi. I just found your blog. My sister posted your rainbow jello post on her facebook page. You’re famous!
    I haven’t even read anything more than your “about” page and I already want to ask if you’ll be my best friend. Wow! I can’t wait to dig in.
    I’ll be back for more.

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