Family Meals

It all began summer of 2007. My dear hubby wanted to eat dinners together as a family. And I wanted to break the cycle of making one meal for the kids and a different meal for the adults.

Eating together was easy. I just pushed my kids snack time back and once my dear hubby came home, we ate dinner.

But all of us eating the same food, that was the hard part. This rut started innocently. The twins were born. I nursed my twins for a year (nothing major, it’s just what worked for me). I fed my twins rice cereal. I fed them soft foods. I fed them kid friendly food. But never made the transition to real food.

I started by putting out lots of choices on the dinner table and told them that this was what we were having. I kept it very simple. Spaghetti. Meatballs. Chicken. Flank Steak. Rice. Corn. Caesar Salad. Macaroni and Cheese. Carrots. Hot dogs. But this got old and boring. Sure, we were all eating together and eating the same foods, but I was ready to challenge myself (and my kids) to be a bit more adventurous and try something new. Then puree-ing came into my consciousness with Deceptively Delicious and The Sneaky Chef. Now, I wasn’t one to deceive my kids, but these books certainly gave me ways to bring more veggies into my kids’ meals.

Thing is, if we are all going to eat together, I want it to be a time of peace and harmony. I don’t want to worry about my kids eating their veggies. I don’t want a fight over what we are eating. I want to make meal time better. I want to make better meals.

See my recipes and ideas for Family Meals.



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  1. Wow beautiful family¡¡¡

    I like your blog, It´s great¡¡¡

    I´m trying to have a baby for one year , more or less, and I´m a little sad, in this time, but reading your history makes me feel better.

    Thank you for your blog¡¡

  2. Beautiful family!

    I also have 6 year old twins – boy and girl.
    And you are SO RIGHT about this 15 lb thing!


  3. I really like your rainbow jelly blocks. I am making some for my baby sisters birthday party. I love to bake.
    from Jessica
    please look at my website.

  4. I love your recipes, hope you keep them on your blog site so i can try several of them, i will be trying the shepherds pie tonight!

  5. Hi! 🙂 I Love Your Blog! A Lot Of The Desserts Are Amazing!

    Have You Ever Heard Of The “Raw Food Diet” ?

    I’ve Been On That Diet For A Month And I’ve Lost 20-30 Pounds 🙂

    I’d Be A Cool Experiment To Try If You Want To Loose Any Weight That You Can’t Seem To Get Rid Of.

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