Sometime I just want to celebrate, rant, or rave about life.

A quick glance…

  • An episode of Friends can still make me laugh. It’s my all time favorite!
  • I’m the oldest of three kids.
  • I love boy bands, even saw Nsync in concert.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
  • Hiking the Napali Coast on Kauai was grueling! But I am so proud that I did it.
  • Kayaking on Monterey Bay was terrifying, I’ll never do that again.
  • Washington D.C. in the fall is wonderful.
  • I taught second grade before my kids were born.
  • Both of my kids have a Creative Memories Scrapbook for each year of their lives.
  • I had to give myself injections two times a day for a month to conceive my kids.
  • I’ve run the San Francisco Bay to Bakers 2 times.
  • I can’t handle my liquor.
  • I shoot with a Nikon D40x.


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  1. I live in SF as well! Are you doing Bay to Breakers this year?

  2. Beth- That’s funny, my girlfriends just started talking about doing it this year. For me, no, not this year.

  3. OMG Karen, we are very much alike! I went to Kauai on my honeymoon but my Hubby and I both voted no on hiking and yes on sun bathing. Friends will forever be on my tivo. I saw Backstreet Boys in concert, but would have preferred to see NSync. I can’t handle my liquor either; two drinks and I’m a goner!

  4. Hiking the Napali coast is wonderful, I’m so glad my husband and I did it. We had a wonderful slow and sometimes difficult hike but what magnificent views! Definitely something we will never forget. Thanks for bringing back some great memories! 🙂

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