Blueberry Pie

July 11, 2008 at 3:09 pm | Posted in Pies | 10 Comments
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Look! Look! My very first lattice crust! Isn’t it pretty?

Blueberry pie with a lattice top seems like the quintessential Church Picnic dessert, so I wanted to try one this week and consider it for submission into the Pie Contest.

I found this recipe on Food Network from Chef Alton Brown. The filling was very easy to make and set up beautifully. Next time I’ll substitute cinnamon for the orange.

Blueberry Pie a la mode…fantastic!

And don’t worry about all of these pies in my house. I took this pie to my parents house. They just arrived home from 3 weeks in Italy and this pie was the perfect “welcome home” pie!

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told you so pie

July 10, 2008 at 12:45 am | Posted in Dessert, essay | 13 Comments

See, I told you so, I’m no good at pies. Case in point, this chocolate cream pie. Or, as my daughter described it, “frosting pie”.

Allow me to describe: the crust…too much butter, not enough cookie crumbs, too thin, too hard, not good! And the chocolate cream was way too rich. Kinda tasted like chocolate fudge, and not so good tasting. And take a closer look at how the chocolate cream never attached to the chocolate crust. Not good.

Trouble was, the online reviews for this recipe were incredible. I must have done something wrong. And as it turns out, I did do something wrong. Even worse, I did more than one thing wrong. Did I mention that I don’t do pies! I’m no good.

With our church’s Pie Contest on Saturday, I was hoping to try several pies this week. The thing is, I am not hoping for 1st or 2nd or 3rd place…my hope is that my pie will be eaten and not thrown into the garbage!

And besides that fact that pies are not my thing and I really really need the practice, the bay area has been suffering through a heat wave this week, so turning on the oven is just not an option. Did I mention that I don’t have air-conditioning? As I write it is 12:45am and my house is still 82 degrees. I get very cranky in the heat….and apparently pretty whiny too.

Red, White and Blue Pie

July 7, 2008 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Dessert, Pies | 11 Comments
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Why why why did I enter our church’s Pie Contest? I don’t do pies! I’m no good at the crust! The filling always runs!

And why did I encourage my girlfriends to enter? They are all master bakers. Quick thinking. Creative. Me, I get by.

Hoping to avoid disaster and total humiliation, I am brushing up on my pie baking skills this week. And thank goodness for Diannes Dishes. She posted a beautiful looking Red White and Blue Pie on July 4th that I just had to try…FABULOUS!!!

So Dianne, I just have to say Thank You!

This pie was good





And if anyone knows of a pie recipe that would be good for me to try, please pass it along. I need all the practice I can get before Saturday!

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